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Improve Wine Quality & Fermentation with Purfresh Wine

Purfresh Wine’s patented technology enhances your wine’s quality by bringing out its most positive elements, including increased tannins, hue stability, and fruit-forward palate notes. We have found improvements specifically with full-bodied red varietals.

How does O3 treatment work?

Grapes are sealed in a self-powered, temperature-controlled TITAN unit and treated with O3 for 22 hours. After treatment is complete, O3 quickly breaks down into oxygen (O2), without leaving residue or harming the grapes.

How can O3 improve my wine’s quality?

Purfresh Wine’s patented O3 technology enhances wine in many ways:

  • Removes sulfur, pesticides, and fungicides pre-crush   
  • Reduces need of SO2 post-crush
  • Allows grapes to enter fermentation at desired temperature
  • Reduces bad bacteria and mold issues (Brettanomyces)   
  • Reduces risk across the food safety sectors   
  • Provides fermentation benefits of pre-cooling wine grapes   
  • Helps limit and avoid stuck fermentations   
  • Improves roundness and fruit-forward palate notes   
  • Increases content of health-promoting stilbenes   
  • Drives increased anthocyanin and tannin production

What is the return on investment?

Treatment using O3 increases the value of your grapes by an average of 31%.

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