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Purfresh Wine
Frequently Asked Questions

About Purfresh Wine 

We sell to the wineries themselves.

A great fit for our services is winemakers who want something commercially more round and fruit forward that sells well. If the wine is very angular and complex, then it may not be a perfect fit for us.

Yes, last year all of the wineries we treated had great results.

How the Technology Works 

If you attach an ozone generation device to an ocean container, we have a patent on that. No one can take an ozone generator and attach it to the power supply of an ocean container and create ozone. We have a patent on that. We have another pending patent, which is related to airflow. It is for creating a tunnel inside this ocean container for the air to be pushed only underneath the bins of the grapes.

No, the technology is the sensing and level control for the ozone.

There are some of the same benefits and studies as the ones for red wine grapes. Most of our work has been done on red grapes from the quality improvement standpoint, but there are

improvements for white wine grapes too. Red wines are very valuable, so they have been the primary market so far, but there is also a market for white wines.

How ozone/O3 functions:
Time Concerns

Our systems are only going to help what's on the skin. In the epidermal layers of the skin, about a quarter into the skin, is what we can handle.

There are different applications for water-based choices, ozone in the water and ozone in the air, when it comes to your equipment. For the stone, the wood, and the steel, you want to use water systems, but for the grape itself, you almost have to use gas. You can't just spray the surface and get the efficacy you want. You have to basically penetrate it. Our treatments are 24 hours. That gives us the time to start to penetrate into the skin, to get the advocacies we need, whether it's bread, smoke-taint molecules, or different types of fungus and molds that come from the field.

The technology is actually not hyper-oxidation, it’s a tiny amount of ozone.

Yes, we can do that with more ozone.

It is the same application process for both.

We don’t yet have all the data on that, but we know that the sooner the treatment begins, the more effective it is. It is also unnecessary to remove every smoke molecule - it’s a matter of getting it down to a level where it is undetectable by the person drinking the wine.

It's a really delicate balance between how much smoke there is, and when it happens in the growth cycle of the grapes. The longer the smoke is there, the heavier the smoke, and the longer application time it has to the grapes. The more it is set to be saturated inside.

Between 24 and 36 hours with one PPM application is the level to have the most extraction of smoke taint. This is what we discovered ourselves, and it is matched by the findings of wine industry think tanks.

Logistical Details 

You will need 10 bins per container.

Minimum 1 month.

Yes, they can purchase containers.

Yes, you can’t get the penetration with the gas without them being slotted.

5-100 tons, and we could go above that. 

Yes. In fact, we can transport them and treat them at the same time.

480 volts. They are the standard kind of wine equipment plugs.

Many of our customers want to make sure they have it every year. We treated many wineries last fall, and all of them have already committed, with or without smoke, to use them again this year.

3 ½- 9 weeks, normally, 24 hours a day.

We lease the containers from a leasing company, and there is always access to them no matter what part of the world you’re in.


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