Save Your Grapes from Smoke Taint with Purfresh Wine

Purfresh Wine’s ozone (O3) technology helps vineyards overcome the problems caused by wildfire smoke by treating grapes pre-crush to improve fermentation, overall wine quality, and remove smoke taint.

How does O3 treatment work?

Smoke-affected grapes are sealed in a self-powered, temperature-controlled TITAN unit and treated with O3 for 22 hours. After treatment is complete, O3 quickly breaks down into oxygen (O2), without leaving residue or harming the grapes.

How does O3 remove the smoke taint molecules?

Ozone has traditionally been used to mediate and remove smoke aromas and smoke smells in buildings, for instance, that have been subject to fire. Ozone being a very strong oxidizing agent is presumably having the same effect, and destroying those molecules on the surfaces of the grape.”

-Winemaker Ken Bernards, Porter Family Vineyards, Napa, CA, 6/1/21

Below is a graphic representing the 2021 Australian Wine Research Institute Molecules study of the flavor profiles of treated vs non-treated smoke-affected wines. Smoke tainted grapes treated at 1 part per million (red line) were able to return to their original flavor profile, demonstrating the efficacy of O3 treatment as a solution for smoke taint.

Black: Control / Target / Ideal Grape

Blue: Smoke tainted grapes not treated Red: Smoke tainted grapes, treated grapes 1 part per million

Red: Smoke tainted grapes, treated grapes 1 part per million

Here is a diagram depicting the chemical breakdown of smoke taint molecules by O3. The third oxygen molecule in O3 pairs with carbon to turn smoke taint molecules into acids, which generally dissipate during fermentation.

What is the return on investment?

Each day of O3 treatments on smoke-tainted grapes saves your winery over $80,000, and a full month of treatments could mitigate a $1.5 million loss.

Wineries that used Purfresh Wine’s system were able to process and sell significant percentages of their harvests without any major declassification or bulk sale for blending.

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